FHS Roofing

Case Study

Roof A
No maintenance with the exception of the channel gutterings which we have replaced. This roof will need re-roofing within approximately five years at a current cost of $21,234.00 plus GST or $35.39/ m2.

Roof B
Coated by FHS Roofing Ltd with two coats of Gilsonite Aluminium paint in 1981 at a cost of $4574.00 plus GST or $1.55/m2.

This roof is now due for a further coat at a cost of $12,413.00 plus GST or $4.21/m2.  This would not then require coating until 2031.  Therefore cost to – say 2030 would be $5.76/m2.

Assuming a typical life span of 50 - 55 years for an uncoated galvanised iron roof in an urban environment, it would be 83.7% cheaper to maintain it with our Gilsonite Aluminium coating system.

Note: This doesn’t include regular maintenance such as gutter cleaning which will always be needed.

Roof A (600m2) Roof B (2950m2)