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Our Company, FHS Roofing Ltd has specialised in Commercial roof maintenance since 1927 and we are a family business, currently fourth generation owned

Our services include re-roofing, maintenance coating and repairs including replacement of guttering and spouting's, downpipes, skylights, etc. to most types of roofing – in two words WEATHER PROTECTION!

Over the years, our experience and integrity has earned the trust of many property owners and property managers, local bodies and institutions.

We also carry out regular inspections/ maintenance contracts. Preliminary inspections are mostly carried out at no charge or obligation and full roof reports can be supplied for a reasonable fee.

FHS Roofing Ltd acknowledges that our job is hazardous and for that reason we operate a fully documented Health and Safety System to manage those hazards. Our staff are fully trained in Height Safety as well as Workplace First Aid.

A dry weathertight building is great for keeping the tenants happy, so if you have issues in this area, call Canterbury's respected roof maintenance contractors FHS Roofing Ltd. Since 1927.

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